July 20, 2012

Busy Queen Bee

I have been blogging on a variety of topics since 2008. I have blogged more for reviewing and advertising in the past. Of course I always did writing about my interest. I decided it was finally time for me to branch off and do something just for me. That is why I decided to start a brand new blog-  a me blog. A place where I can go just to write or journal about the important things in my life. I am usually a very busy woman, but busy in a way of a simple life. I am a mother of four busy bee children, engaged to a great man, and am the queen bee of my home buried in the heart of America- Iowa.

My children are 13, 9, 8, and 7. I have two boys and two girls. My sweetheart also has an eighteen year old daughter that lives in California. My hard-working man works at least forty hours a week, Monday through Friday every single week. It works hard and provides a good home for our children and I. He works in construction and does a variety of things like pouring concrete, painting, drywalling, putting in septic tanks, demo, etc. I guess he is what you would call the Jack of all trades in the construction department. I just finished my Associates of Arts degree at Indian Hills Community College. I am now in the Practical Nursing program and just about to the end of my first term of it. I have roughly nine months until I will be a nurse. From there I plan to go on to my RN and then eventually get my Bachelor's degree in Nursing.

Other than being a student, I am a full-blown homemaker. I spend my days cooking, cleaning, and taking care of my family in any way needed on a daily basis. I run all the errands, send out the bills, do the shopping, doctor appointments, school activities, and anything else required on any given day.

When I decided to start a new blog, I knew I wanted it to be something special just for me. I started the Heartland Homemaker because I believe that is truly the root of who I am. I spend my every day taking care of the family I love and always trying new ways to make life simple, fulfilled, and enjoyable. I have many journeys ahead of me in my life and I hope that someone out there can enjoy my story along the way.

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