Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! My name is Amanda and I am just another woman living in this world that enjoys taking care of her family. I live in the greatest part of America, deep in the heartland, Iowa. I am currently a nursing student, but more than anything (if I had to label myself) I would call myself a homemaker. I am Mom! I am the one that crosses all the t's and dots all the i's in my house. Of course I have many definitions, but my above everything I enjoy being a mother, a spouse, and a daughter. Family is the center of my universe and I am working on building a foundation for the lives of our four beautiful children.
Other than being a mother, I just graduated and earned my Associates of Arts degree in May of 2012. I just finished my first term of the Practical Nursing program and plan to graduate and be working as a nurse by next summer.

I am with the most amazing guy, Thomas. He is also part of the center of my universe. I enjoy cooking for him and providing the support at home that he needs. I understand why women stood up for their freedom in a discriminated society in the mid-1900's, but me? I like the old-fashioned way of life. I love that I have an amazing man that supports his family and then comes home so that I can spoil him with the simple things in life, like a clean shirt or fresh, hot meal.

Then there is my family. It includes my sister, father, step-mother, four children, nieces and nephews, and many others. We have such a great time just being family. This is at the latest birthday party for my niece and nephew, held in my father's garage. Just a good ole' birthday bash! It was a great time.

But above everything else about me, being a mom is probably my number one thing; It defines me. I was blessed with two beautiful daughters, Angela and Autumn. They are nine and seven. I met my great guy Thomas and he has two beautiful sons, Christian and Tommylee, they are thirteen and eight. All of the children live with us and I am a full-time mom- 24-7.

Other things I really enjoy are gardening, canning and preserving, reading, learning, swimming, and pretty much anything outdoors. I enjoy watching movies and listening to music. I am not much of a TV person, I would rather be exploring a new recipe in a cookbook or buried in a new bestselling book. I don't care much for cleaning (who does!?!) but I do it every single day, probably multiple times a day. I like finding new ways to make things a little easier, safer, and affordable.

I am basically a heartland homemaker and that is where this blog is spiraled from. Please enjoy! If you ever want to comment, please feel free. I love opinions! Emails can be sent to amandatheheartlandhomemaker@gmail.com